21. März 2013



Die Preisträger  12.13              

 Painting Prize

Selected artist:
Ivelisse Jimenez
Santurce | Puerto Rico 1966

Selected Artwork:
Detour #21, 2012
Oil, enamel and acrylic paint on canvas, plastics, acetate, plexiglass, adhesive tape | 175x170 cm

'The interplay of absence, presence, focus and distorted images, exterior and interior, surface and structure points to the notion of concealing and then revealing what is already open to view.'

The winner of the Painting section is Ivelisse Jimenez, a Puerto Rican artist, because her work suggests a new idea of painting that transcends the limits of canvas, in order to merge with other dimensions of contemporary art.


Photographic Art Prize

Selected artist:
Richard Ansett
London | United Kingdom 1966

Selected Artwork:
Boy #1 from series Boys in a City Park, © Richard Ansett / IZOLYAT SIA, 2011
Digital exposure to archival chromogenic paper | 101,6x72,6 cm

'Trauma does not always bear obvious markers and should not be perceived in terms of a dysfunction.
Fragility and trauma are inextricably linked – the former reflects the beauty of a human spirit, while the latter is both the price and the reward.'

Richard Ansett is the winner of the Photography section for the interesting iconographical composition, rich in symbolical references and for the skillful use of light in the photographic medium.


Sculpture and Installation Prize

Selected artist:
Costantine Zlatev
Ruse | Bulgaria 1974

Selected Artwork:
The Last Gun, 2012
12Ga. shotgun, salvaged industrial scrap | 120x250x25 cm

'Pneumatically driven chromatic scale flute, programmed to graphically chart and musically depict the rise and fall of U.S.A. annual arms exports. A rise in exports triggers the flute to play a somber melody and a drop triggers it to play a celebratory melody.'

The Jury has awarded the Sculpture Prize to Costantine Zlatev because he tackles the current issue of the weapon market in a highly interesting manner and for the fine execution of the work, which features different layers and allows for various interpretations.


Virtual Art Prize

Selected artist:
Zer Nirit
Jerusalem | Israel 1973

Selected artwork:
I here project, 1995
Flash / html 5 | Variable size

'"I here project" is an endless self-portrait. Located in an unknown time and space, the work is made out of individual self portraits in every possible medium. Since its creation, "i here" has reached hearts all over the world.'

Motivation: Nirit Zer's work shows an interesting research on the concept of identity, a research that becomes even more interesting if applied to the virtual dimension, where this concept undergoes a necessary reinterpretation and redefinition.


  Video Art and Animation Prize and Performance

Selected artist:
Carlos Martiel
La Habana | Cuba 1989

Selected Artwork:
Prodigal Son, 2010
Performance, video, documentation | 10'

Motivation: Carlo Martiel's performance has been awarded for the intensity with which he tackles the issue of memory, of the father-son relationship and for the particular Cuban political situation.








& Award Ceremony

Free entrance
16.3.2013, 6pm
Tese di San Cristoforo
Arsenale of Venice

Tese di San Cristoforo
Arsenale of Venice

Telecom Italia Future Centre
Campo S. Salvador, Venice

17.3 ⁄ 31.3.2013
Open: 10am - 6pm
Free entrance
Romanian Institute

Campo S. Fosca, Venice





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